Monday, February 06, 2006

Malaysian Nite at Leicester....

5 February 2006
Sunday Night
Cold and windy night

I attended the Malaysian Nite tonight which held at Fraser Noble Hall, Leicester. Although this is a party night for Malaysian but, in fact, there are 50% international students from different part of the world attended this party.

The Malaysian Nite, as usual, start with the speech from VIP, who I still don't know his name and then follow by speech again from the Malaysian Society president. The performance only start 20 minutes later and then followed by dinner. The foods provided by Malaysian Society are: Ayam Masak Merah, Mihun Goreng, Nasi Tomato, Seri Muka, Popiah, Spicy Fried Chicken Wings and some vegetables.

Here are some photos from the Malaysian Nite...

Dance of MalChinIn (Malay + Chinese + Indian), this name is created by Leicester University Malaysian Society (LUMS).

Part of MalChinIn dance...

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Spring is arrived!

4 February 2006
Cold and dry day

The spring season has just arrived and we should expect to see a lot of beautiful flowers. But here at Leicester, the spring season seem to arrive late this year. The tree still empty with not leaves. The flowers are still in their sweet dream.

The weather still cold and dry here. This year the winter season is a bit worst compared to last year according to my colleague, who live here. He told me that the weather is getting worst year by year.

As from the photos, you can see the trees are still sleeping.....

The fruit from last year....