Sunday, April 09, 2006

Leysin, Switzerland....

29 March - 1 April 2006
UK to Geneva to Leysin

Here are some photos taken when I was attending the final meeting of EU project. Leysin is famous with it's skiing area. I can see the highest mountain, Mont Blanc (4810 m) from Leysin. This is first time in my life I am covered with such a lovely deep snow.

Aberystwyth, Wales....

05-07 April 2006
Aberystwyth, Wales

I attended the molecular ecology conference held at Aberystwyth, West Wales. This is the 50 anniversary of EGG (Ecology Genetics Group). The meeting is hold at different places every year and all the ecology geneticists and population geneticists from different part of the world will gather together in UK to discuss about their research.I took some photos on the way to Aberystwyth. It is very different from England, which is always flat.